About us.

Our story

Baoshi Food & Beverage was started by James and Lem who believe in the mantra that we “live to eat”, having grown up in Singapore, they both share a passion for traditional Singapore hawker fare.

With this common passion, they set out to start Baoshi with the motivation to preserve our local food heritage and to share this love for local hawker food with the younger generation. The first outlet was a joint venture with Founders Bak Kut Teh which has more than 50 years of history in Singapore and is well loved by many international artistes.

Keeping true to their passion, they started their second venture with Wee Nam Kee, one of the leading brands in Singapore, known for its hainanese chicken rice.

Then there is Ah Chiang Porridge which Baoshi is helping to rebrand and improve its operational efficiency to expand its business into the shopping malls.

They believe they are still at the beginning of their journey as a F&B company, and will continue to preserve local hawker food. They are also looking forward to another chapter which sees them bringing in international brands.